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How Can Advertising Affect Consumers

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How Can Advertising Affect Consumers – The main function of advertising is to influence and trigger a “call to action” among its consumers to buy something.

I was inspired to write this article after my recent Diwali holiday in India. I have noticed a strong trend in the market that is “popular Indian sweets have been replaced by chocolates”.

How Can Advertising Affect Consumers

During Diwali, I received gifts from friends and family, and most of the gifts had one common factor: chocolate.

Trustworthiness In Advertising: What Consumers Have To Say

Chocolates such as Ferrero Rocher wrapped in gold foil, similar to the popular Indian sweet called ladoo, sold like hotcakes.

But what has caused this change in consumer buying habits? Exposure to international advertising/products and trends:

Chocolates were no longer just for kids, their appeal was very limited. Brands like Cadbury and Snickers, Amul are positioning chocolates as snack options for adults, creating a new hunger for these products.

Almost all international brands like Lindt and Godiva are now present in Indian cities. Economic and cultural progress have also contributed to the changing trends: the middle income group has more money at its disposal today than it did 10 or 15 years ago.

Advertising Impact On Buying Decision Of Consumers

Today’s Indian youth love to experiment with products and easily adopt western trends. They may look like Indians, but they are deeply westernized and open minded.

Despite strict food regulations, small-town sweet traders and shops use adulterated ingredients in the production of traditional sweets, causing various health complications while consuming them.

Capitalizing on this trend and changing consumption patterns, brands like Cadbury have come up with a masterful communication strategy called ‘Kuch metha ho jaaye’.

Backed by film actors and superstars, the ad helped the Cadbury brand enter every Indian home, every festival and every moment of happiness.

An Influence Of Advertising On Consumer Based Brand Loyalty: A Case Study On A Sports Shoe Brand In Bhopal India

Brand Snickers recently launched the “Who Are You When You’re Hungry?”, based on the idea that hunger is relevant to everyone, regardless of age or mindset. emphasized this with his campaign.

I am not promoting any brand of chocolate or its consumption, but my aim is to demonstrate that advertising combined with consumer insights (through consumer research) not only creates demand for the category, but also changes consumer behavior and offers them alternatives. products to be a part of their celebrations and happy occasions.

Successful businesses aim to build strong relationships with consumers so they can retain them as long-term customers and maximize their revenue opportunities.

I can’t end this article without showing you this hilarious ad for a chocolate brand that uses humor/entertainment as a hook.

Measuring The Influence Of Hoarding Advertising On Consumer Behavior

It is the power of advertising that makes a Western-dominated category like chocolate an integral part of Indian celebrations and homes, shedding Western layers.

I hope that my experience and learning about how advertising influences behavior will help and guide my fellow marketers who are on the path to creating a niche for their brands.

If any of my readers need my help or feedback in developing a communication strategy for their brand, they can contact me at [email protected].

Ritesh Mohan is a passionate retail professional with over 19 years of retail experience dealing with some of the biggest brands in beauty, fashion, fragrance and consumer goods retail. It has played an important role in the growth of some regional brands as well as in the Middle East region. He specializes in retail management, product development, brand management, retail operations, sales management, business management and empowering business owners with nearly two decades of experience in the industry.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column ][/vc_row]Informs about a product or service Gets your attention and drives you to buy Introduces new or improved products

Negative Influence Of Television Advertising

3 Types of Ads Factual Ads Provide useful information describing the product, its features and value Comparison Ads Emphasize the benefits of the advertised product over other options Testimonial ads Use celebrities, sports professionals or experts to promote products Entertaining ads that draw attention to ads and use humor or visuals to retain

4 types of advertising Popular ads that encourage you to become part of the crowd by using a product Sexually appealing ads Strong emotional appeal that makes you feel more attractive or popular Infomercials A combination of 30 minutes of information and advertising in one ad run Direct mail bulk mail ads

Information Simple and direct presentation of information. status Associates product use with those who have status, are successful, and enjoy and understand the “good things in life.” peer validation Link product use to friendship/acceptance. hero endorsement Associate product usage with a celebrity. sexual attraction Associate the use of the product with greater sexual attractiveness. entertainment Associate the product with feelings of fun and enjoyment. Intelligence associates the product with intelligent people who do not fall for tricks. independence Associates the Product with people who can think and act for themselves. Incomplete comparison “Works better in bad driving conditions!” Using phrases like What works better? Adolescents – Lesson 10 – Slide 10-A

Liberal use of phrases like “lifetime warranty” and “satisfaction guarantee or your money back.” scarcity A trader creates a false sense of urgency by claiming that supply or time is limited. perceptual contrast The trader first presents the undesirable/inferior option to make the second option appear superior. “Nine out of ten” scientific or numerical expressions may sound good, but many of these expressions may be impossible to justify. Negative option The goods arrive automatically unless the consumer takes action to stop shipping and billing. Often used by book clubs and records. Adolescents – Lesson 10 – Slide 10-B

Pdf) How Attributes Of Green Advertising Affect Purchase Intention: The Moderating Role Of Consumer Innovativeness

7 Unethical Techniques Techniques considered Deceptive and/or Deceptive: Bait and pass advertising lures consumers into a store with offers that sound too good to be true. Once consumers enter the store, they are told that the item is unavailable and shown a similar but more expensive item. High pressure sales tactics are often used. It is illegal in most states. Exploiting Fears and Doubts Advertising feeds on or plays on consumers’ fears. supermarket specials Advertising products that are out of stock or available to consumers at an advertised price. Free Gift If you receive a notification by mail or phone that you have won a gift, you will need to go to the store to claim it. Once there, you may have to listen to a sales pitch or fill out a coupon to win the gift. Adolescents – Lesson 10 – Slide 10-C

Commonly seen deceptive advertisements: health care scams Promises of overnight cures and medical treatments. Products developed after “years of research” and “proven to produce immediate positive results”. Testimonials from medical experts and satisfied customers. credit repair Makes paid offers to fix bad credit. (Credit repair is impossible!) Get-rich-quick schemes Advertisements that offer the opportunity to make a lot of money in a short period of time with very little effort. product misrepresentation Uses names similar to nationally recognized brands. Items offered below market value for a limited time only. Vague product descriptions. Travel scams Offers accompanied by certificates for free or very cheap travel. Vague description of services and accommodations. Adolescents – Lesson 10 – Slide 10-D

How to spot “Commercial” program length ads similar to program content. The sponsor is defined at the beginning or at the end. The product advertises itself as superior. If you want to order the product, protect yourself, use a credit card. If you have a problem with your bill or product quality, the Fair Billing Act will offer you some protection. Order or pay by mail Your purchases will be covered under the Mail Order Rule. Precautions to prevent giving out your bank account number over the phone. Remember that product claims are made by the advertiser. Such statements do not reflect an objective or independent evaluation of the product. Adolescents – Lesson 10 – Slide 10-E

Ask yourself key questions: Does the ad appeal to your emotions? Go beyond the appeal to find out what the ad really says (or doesn’t say) about the product or service. What are the special features of the product? Do you need these features? while reading, listening or watching ads… Look for fraud and deception in advertising. Be wary of deceptive advertising (those that make unsubstantiated claims about a product or service). Read the fine print or listen carefully. Read the product label: they must be correct. See specifications and pricing Teens – Lesson 10 – Slide 10-F

The Psychology Of Advertising

In order to operate this website, we record user data and share it with processors. To use this website, you must accept our Privacy Policy, including our cookie policy. In current advertising literature, metaphors are widely used by marketers to creatively convey marketing communication messages and create new ways of thinking.

It is clear that advertisers have come to believe that it is no longer enough to highlight product attributes and therefore have moved away from a more traditional form of advertising. By presenting the features metaphorically, they try to capture the interest and attention of consumers and change their reaction in the desired direction.

However, this kind of visual argumentation is complex, and advertisers have recently had to make decisions about what kinds of metaphors to include in their ads.

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