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Factors That Influence Individual Behaviour At Work Pdf

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Factors That Influence Individual Behaviour At Work Pdf – Each one is different from each other, as human behavior is considered more complex. There are various challenges in an effective organization that can directly or indirectly influence employee behavior. In some cases, the organization’s manager must first analyze a certain task, determine the required skills, and assemble a team that can complement each other and compare each other’s skills. Addressing various factors, it is necessary to first analyze the safety provisions, capabilities and limitations of people. There are various factors that can influence the organizational behavior of an individual, some of them are:

A.  Personal Factors: Personal factors that can influence an individual’s behavior are further classified into 2 sections which include profile and learning characteristics.

Factors That Influence Individual Behaviour At Work Pdf

1. Biographical Traits – Every human being has some kind of traits that are hereditary and genetic in nature. These characteristics cannot be changed. In an organization, if the manager knows the limitations and qualities of each person, then he can easily use his organizational behavior techniques effectively. These features include:

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(i) Physical Characteristics: It mainly includes skin, eyesight, height, color and many others. It impacts the performance of individuals. Additionally, some characteristics include tall, fat, or thin. A person with a good personality is always expected to dress and behave well in the organization, whether or not there is a relationship between character and body structure.

1.  Age: It is a hereditary characteristic of an individual. In increasing performance, it is considered a problem. Young people are expected to be stronger, braver, creative, risk-taking and ambitious. As a person ages, a person’s performance is more likely to decline.

2. Sex – It is a genetic factor. This concept has given rise to much discussion, debate and opinion. It is traditional belief that women are more emotional. Small differences between men and women can affect their work performance. Without any difference between men and women, some people have competitive spirit, leadership, motivation, learning ability, analytical skills or problem solving skills. There has been research that states that female employees generate higher sales rates. This is because there are more opportunities for women to leave their jobs for personal reasons.

3.  Religion – In determining certain aspects of an individual’s behavior, religion and related cultures play a particularly important role, as they are very concerned with values, morals and ethical principles. It also helps to identify the individual’s attitude towards their work and financial management motivations. But no one can deny the fact that very religious people are more moral than others.

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4. Marital Status – Recent research states that one’s responsibilities are tied to one’s marital status and it has become difficult to handle certain tasks for a longer period of time. Married employees have less absenteeism, more job satisfaction and less turnover.

5.  Experience: An employee’s tenure or experience plays an important role within an organization. It creates many rumors and misconceptions because of the reason of greatness. Furthermore, work experience is considered a good indicator that helps to increase productivity more effectively and efficiently. There is a positive relationship between job performance and seniority. Staff turnover is also considered negatively correlated with seniority.

2. Learning Behaviors – Learning is defined as a permanent change in an employee’s behavior that results from interaction with the environment. A person’s profile attributes cannot be edited. Therefore, organizational managers have shown great interest in learning, studying and predicting learning characteristics which include:

(1) Personality: Personality does not end with a person’s appearance. A person with a good personality which includes an intelligent personality, a smiling face and a charming personality. This concept is considered powerful and describes the growth and development of a person’s psychological system. They are also defined as personality traits or characteristics that include persistence, dominance, aggression, and other characteristics that are expressed through a person’s behavior within an organization.

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(2) Attitude: it is an attitude that helps to interpret a certain situation. Furthermore, it is considered as a process that allows information to enter the mind and make sense to the entire world.

(3) Morality – Morality is considered as a universal belief that teaches different judgments and actions in different situations. It includes an individual’s idea based on correct, positive and desirable opinions. It is so deeply ingrained in people that it can be expressed through their behavior. Furthermore, many time values ​​are directly influenced by teachers, parents, friends and various other external factors that have completely changed a person’s thoughts, opinions and ideas. For organizational behavior, ethics is very important. It helps to understand an individual’s motivation and attitude, as well as the influence of his or her attitudes.

1. Economic factors – In the economic environment, a person’s behavior is strongly influenced by some factors including:

(a) Level of Employment: The employment opportunities available to an individual directly influence the individual’s behavior. Even if he is not satisfied with the job, the person should stick to the same job as there are few job opportunities for him. In these cases, it is important that they can be loyal to the company in providing better productivity; they stay in one organization because of the financial benefits offered to them.

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(b) Salary Levels – Every employee is very concerned about the salaries offered by the company or organization. The decision of an employee or employee is directly influenced by the financial conditions on the part of the company.

(c) Economic Environment of G – There are various workers who have no effect of business cycle in both public sector businesses and government offices. Regardless of their economic position within the organization, they will receive their salary. Private sector workers are strongly influenced by stable income and job security, but former workers may be motivated by other factors.

Similarly, there are various other environmental factors in the organization that can influence employee behavior, including social factors, political factors, or the legal environment.

C. Organizational Factors – Various types of organizational resources and systems influence individual behavior, including:

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1. Physical Facilities – In the workplace, the physical environment is considered as a collection of positive people and things that can also influence other people. There are some factors that influence individual behavior, including cleanliness, lighting, ventilation, noise level, nature of work, number of people working, etc.

(a) Structure and Design: The way each department of the organization is structured is directly related to structure and design. An individual’s performance and behavior are directly influenced by where a person fits into the overall hierarchy of the organization.

(b) Leadership – Organizational leadership establishes a leadership system so that adequate support, advice, guidance, direction and training can be provided to individuals. The behavior of each employee is strongly influenced by the behavior of the leaders or bosses of the same organization. The characteristics of leaders are more important than the qualities of leaders.

(c) Reward System: The performance and behavior of individuals are directly affected by the reward system established by the organization so that employees can compensate. Welcome to our online space dedicated to information and resources on ABA Parent Training. Get quality, research-backed information from BCBA on everything related to behavior analysis parent training.

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When working with parents, it’s important to keep an open mind and understand that there are complex factors that influence their behavior (as well as yours).

Consider the following factors that may play a role in the behaviors exhibited by your customers and how these people function in their daily lives.

This can help you develop more knowledge about potential resources and/or barriers to how parents can participate in services or follow treatment recommendations.

These are differences specific to the person you work with. Personality traits are part of the reason why two people may perceive and react to situations in different ways. Personality traits include things like knowledge, belief systems, personality traits, and general behavior. This also includes factors such as the individual’s learning history, particularly regarding experiences with reinforcement and punishment.

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These are things related to a person’s social interactions. Examples of interpersonal factors include one’s social support network, relationships with other people, and one’s religious or spiritual affiliations.

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