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Environmental Factors Affecting Individual Behaviour

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Environmental Factors Affecting Individual Behaviour – Personal behavior refers to an individual’s actions, responses, reactions and behavior in a particular situation. It is a combination of responses to internal and external stimuli.

Every person/person’s behavior is different from others. Understanding human behavior helps us understand how people react to certain situations.

Environmental Factors Affecting Individual Behaviour

In humans, behavior is influenced by various genetic and environmental factors. The influence of these factors strongly determines human behavior. In fact, according to Kurt Lewin, behavior is a function of the individual and their environment.

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In organizational settings, individual behavior has a significant impact on organizational performance. Understanding a person’s behavior, reactions and expressions is possible to find a solution and what tasks to tackle.

Positive behavior of individuals can have a significant and positive impact on the performance of the organization, but negative impact can also be detrimental. A manager should appreciate the positive behavior of his people and question, encourage or punish those who behave badly for the organization.

We seem to behave differently in different situations. Human behavior is thought to be emergent, motivated and goal-directed.

We act and react based on the knowledge, experience and environment around us. In fact, these are the factors that shape individual behavior.

What Is Organizational Behavior (ob), And Why Is It Important?

Some life history factors are heritable in nature. They inherit from their parents. They are distinguished by life history factors from the day they came to earth. They are:

Sex. Sex, or sex, is an inherited characteristic defined as male or female at birth. It has been shown that men are more emotionally powerful than women. Physical men are also strong. Traditionally, women are mainly involved in housework while men are at work. However, it changed the working men and women.

Age Age is the length of time a person lives. A person’s age starts from the date of birth. At a young age, people are more creative and energetic, interested in things.

Study From birth, people learn to talk, walk, behave and respond to their environment. Parents and other family members are the primary caregivers of people. From parents, children learn basic knowledge, morals and become social human beings.

Internal And External Environment Factors Of Organizational Environment

Opportunities. It is the personal power of the people. Individuals’ heritable abilities are strongly influenced by parental health, nutrition, and environment. Abilities can be inherited or learned.

Marital status Married people are more responsible for the family than unmarried people. A steady job becomes important to them and such employees are expected to devote their best efforts to their jobs.

Psychological factors are learned characteristics of personality. These are things that are learned from the environment and form concepts about the world. Major psychological factors:

The person Everyone’s personality is unique. Personality is a person’s unique ways of thinking, feeling, acting and behaving. The unique nature of individuals is the psychological traits they acquire through experience and education.

What Is Attitude In Psychology? Definition, Formation, Changes

Repeat. Repetition is the perception of people around the world and the interpretation of what they see. It is the mental process of looking at things and drawing conclusions. No two people have different perspectives and their way of seeing the world should not be the same.

Presentation Manifestations are belief systems that guide our thoughts, feelings, and actions. A sign can be positive or negative, so we react differently to people, situations and ideas.

Values. Values ​​are people’s moral beliefs and structures. Values ​​consist of a person’s philosophy of what is good, right, or desirable and have a moral flavor.

Learning Humans study living things. From birth to death, people never stop learning. It interacts with the environment and changes people’s thinking, behavior and actions relatively permanently.

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Financial conditions. A person with a steady job and a good salary definitely looks fitter and cleaner than someone who doesn’t. With more employment opportunities, people’s economic conditions improve and their living standards improve.

Political conditions. Politics has a profound effect on organizations, individuals, and entire populations. People influence the political system knowingly and unknowingly. A stable political system requires stable jobs, giving people the freedom to elect as many as they want.

Cultural values. Every society has different cultural values. When a person moves to the next society, he needs to understand and adapt to their cultural ties. Also, different organizations have different cultures that employees should consider.

In the organizational environment, there are also various factors like the behavior of the employees there. Like:

Pdf) Assessing And Comparing The Internal And External Factors Affecting Offline Impulsive Consumer Buying Behavior In India

Physical abilities. Physical facilities of an organization refer to the physical environment with office equipment and work facilities. The physical environment of the organization has a positive effect on the employees – they feel physically safe.

Organizational structure. It shows how the organization is structured and how different roles, responsibilities and functions are divided. A good organizational structure clearly defines tasks to free employees from role conflicts and achieve greater efficiency.

Leadership style. Today, managers are also leaders. To be a manager, he needs to influence his employees and motivate them to perform better. In a work environment, employees stay longer and reduce turnover.

Reward system. Agreed to target individual behavior. Employees are motivated, stay longer and contribute to the organization with fair pay. HSMS (Health and Safety Management System, eg ISO 45001) depends on human factors 1- work factor, 2- organizational factor and 3- personal factor. Furthermore, they expect non-ideal people to be ideal. Also, if an employer needs to change the behavior of their employees, 1- attitude, 2- ability, 3- motivation and 4- acceptance. Additionally, human failure due to person 1, for example, an employee makes mistakes and they do the right thing, or they make mistakes and know they are violating safety rules. 2- The crime has become habitual, occasional and unusual (or one of them).

Pdf) Individual And Environmental Factors Influencing Adolescents’ Dietary Behavior In Low And Middle Income Settings

This article describes three factors that influence safety and health behavior at work. There is Company A and Company B, for example, they have all implemented ISO 45001 and one of them has a very good record on a key performance indicator (KPI), or why does Company A have more incidents? At Company B?

One of the barriers to achieving the best occupational safety and health standards is that it depends on people’s ideal behaviour; Generally, people are not in ideal behavior most of the time. There are also three main characteristics that contribute significantly to the personal component of human factors – 1-attitude 2-motivation and 3-emotion (we should look at 4-ability!).

1. Attitude: – The behavior of an employee in a given situation. More specifically, for example, when hearing siren alarms, a person’s attitude toward evacuation may influence the actions of their colleagues (peer pressure). This attitude can be changed in four steps, but it is not easy

2. Motivation: – A person has to achieve a certain goal. Initially, it is important to understand why the person worked safely, then the employer can change the incentives. A worker does safe work because he wants to; Because he doesn’t understand the consequences and prefers to act under threat. Employers should think twice when planning to implement safety awards and encourage their proper behavior. For example, a site manager should not encourage employees to reduce the number of incidents. Instead, he wants them to report (less risks = more rewards for them), so he should encourage them to report incidents.

Unit 2: Understanding Individual Behavior

So the critical question is: What motivates the workforce in the workplace? Following are some points:

3. Pre-Acceptance:- Human interpretation also explains the meaning of the information provided by the disc. Factors that affect a person’s perception:

4. Skill: Defined as the natural ability or ability of an employee to do something, which is a combination of knowledge, experience, training, skills; The employer shall provide appropriate training to the following levels.

Factors affecting occupational safety and health behavior in the company have changed. The conduct of workers should be of utmost importance in the management of health and safety. One worker may be in ideal behavior while another worker may not be. Many workplace health and safety regulations are due to human error. According to HSG48, in ‘reducing error and influencing behaviour’.

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1. Human error: – It is defined as the error of a human employee in performing a task defined within certain tolerance limits; Someone a

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