Yes, That Was Exactly Who You Think It Was at the End of Grey's Anatomy's Season 17 Premiere

It’s been ages since Grey’s Anatomy first premiered, and yet the show keeps taking us by surprise. During the jam-packed premiere of season 17, we saw couples break up, a newborn got his name, and Meredith Grey collapsed in the parking lot of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, leading up to the return that no one expected: Derek Shepherd, himself. No need to pinch yourself, you’re not the one dreaming!

That’s right, Patrick Dempsey’s McDreamy made a surprise return in one of the series biggest twists yet. Derek passed away in an April 2015 episode that left both fans and his wife Meredith Grey devastated and, although he’s made brief appearances in the form of flashbacks, this is the first time the actor has returned to reprise his beloved character. And in a clever callback to his infamous nickname, he appears on a beach in Meredith’s dream.

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