Woman’s extraordinary lengths to help ‘manchild’ boyfriend do the food shopping

Thanks to a shopping list, one besotted girlfriend recently gave an interesting insight into her relationship .

And it turns out that one woman's "cute" is another person's idea of sheer incompetence.

So where do you stand on this?

Rara, from South Africa, tweeted grabs of a WhatsApp conversation with her partner who was in charge of the food shopping and wrote: "He struggles so much with grocery shopping, so pictures have to accompany the list or it’ll just be a mess. Cutest thing."

She wasn't exaggerating. In addition to the shopping list were pictures of each item – like tinned tomatoes, pasta and a pepper.

There was also some confusion over grapes/grapefruit.

Obviously Rara takes it all in her stride, but others weren't quite as understanding.

Several unimpressed Twitter users weighed in.

One asked: "Why is being an incompetent manchild suddenly cute?"

Another agreed: "Nothing cute here…Grow up!"

"Why are men just…allowed to be this clueless?" wondered someone else.

Others suggested that Rara was enabling his behaviour by "mothering" him in this way.

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