Winamp Launches Creator Service Program To Help Musicians Monetize Their Work

Media player company Winamp has launched a creator pass program to assist musicians in growing their careers. Rolling out later this year, the new service is designed to streamline the process of licensing and distributing music and cultivating engaging relationships with fans.

The program appears to be hinged on a Patreon-style subscription model, where musicians can derive a recurring source of income each month from listener-subscriber in a space Winamp calls the Fanzone.

Additionally, Winamp advertises that musicians will be able to make money using the service by simplifying royalties collection and monetizing the use of their tracks in YouTube videos or other forms of content. In tandem with helping out to distribute an artist’s music, the company will take action against any unauthorized use of their work.

As expected for any platform founded in the web3 age, Winamp says it covers “NFTs,” though it offered few additional details about how that feature would function.

Those interested in accessing Winamp’s creator services can reserve a seat ahead of the program’s launch this September. 25,000 musicians will be onboarded in 2022, and all who sign up before the program goes live will receive free one-year membership.

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