What Loss Looks Like: Share an Object of Remembrance

Show us the artifacts that help you memorialize a person or experience lost during the pandemic. Your submission may be included in an upcoming project.

A favorite mug, now empty, that a loved one used to sip tea from.

A notebook full of scribbles from a dream job that ended in a layoff.

A child’s backpack, that never saw the inside of her Kindergarten classroom.

As part of a project to memorialize the lives — and livelihoods — of all that has been lost in the pandemic, The Times is asking readers to submit photos of objects that remind you of what you personally have lost during this time.

Some of these objects may represent a human loss, such as a lamp a grandfather loved that now sits in his granddaughter’s nursery.

Others may be more abstract: Items that represent the loss of a job, a business, a relationship, or something that symbolizes what you wish this year had been, such as the marquee outside a theater that had to close.

Use the form below to submit photos of your object.

Share Your Objects of Remembrance

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