'Valheim' Sells Four Million Copies in Just Three Weeks

Iron Gate‘s Valheim has officially surpassed the four million copies mark, just three weeks after its initial release. It was only last week that the Viking survival game reportedly sold a staggering two million copies in less than two weeks since it came out on Steam. The stat is even more impressive since it is still in early access on Steam.

Valheim, which originally launched on February 2, was brought to life by an indie studio consisting of only a team of five people. Players are taken through an open world in the Viking afterlife where they need to look for food, materials and craft tools for survival. The game is expected to be more accessible than other survival games as players, for example, do not die if they do not eat. Additionally, the co-op features can support up to 10 players.

Just last weekend, Valheim has taken off in a big way, reaching a peak player count of more than 500,000. Only four other games have ever reached this number on Steam. Popular games such as Destiny 2 and Grand Theft Auto V have only topped out at the 130,000-150,000 range.

Over the past week, Valheim has proven that is a natural hit amongst Twitch streamers and viewers. This week, the game hit its concurrent peak viewership of 188,000.

With all the success it has garnered since its release, it still remains to be seen whether or not Valheim can sustain this level of interest.

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