Unfinished 'Halo Infinite' Mid-Credits Cutscene Suggests Possible Sequel Storyline

Halo Infinite fans have now discovered an unfinished cutscene in the game originally intended to play in the middle of the end credits that could potentially set up a prequel.

Featured above, the short clip shows Master Chief‘s new companion Esperanza picking up a signal on his ship and alerting the Spartan of it. While we only find out that it’s a friendly UNSC tag that was detected, the cutscene has already fueled widespread speculation online within the Halo community, with some suggesting that it could be from a character that wasn’t in the main Halo Infinite campaign, such as Spartan Locke or Commander Palmer. Others also point out it could be a lead-up to a co-op campaign experience for an expansion or sequel.

For now, 343 Industries hasn’t addressed why the cutscene was removed from the final release of the game and there isn’t any further information on whether future sequels would indeed follow from this, so fans of the Halo universe should definitely be on the lookout for more updates to come.

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