Ubisoft Removes 'Far Cry 5' 'GoldenEye 007' Fan Remake That Took 1,400 Hours to Create

Earlier this month, a Far Cry 5 player by the username Krollywood revealed a whole series of remade maps from the N64 shooter GoldenEye 007 on Ubisoft‘s open-world title, but the French developer has now removed all of them from the game.

The entire project took Krollywood 1,400 hours across three years to complete, but all his hard work has now been undone after Ubisoft received a copyright infringement claim from an unnamed company. Of course, there’s a high chance it’s MGM, as it holds the rights to the original GoldenEye 007 game. In an email to Kotaku, Krollywood wrote: “I’m really sad — not because of myself or the work I put in the last three years, [but] because of the players who wanna play it or bought Far Cry just to play my levels.”

Despite Ubisoft receiving the copyright infringement claim from (most likely) MGM, Kotaku also points out that it’s unclear how the latter company has been negatively affected by Krollywood’s maps. None of the original game’s assets or code were used, and Krollywood made the maps free without trying to sell them or make a profit. MGM also doesn’t own any code from Far Cry 5.

Regardless, it seems the maps have been removed permanently now, and Krollywood thinks it won’t be possible for him to re-create them again because he’s “on their radar now.”

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