Twitter Reacts to Ethan Winters' Hand Abuse in 'Resident Evil Village'

Spoilers Ahead: While Resident Evil fans are currently enjoying the eighth installment of the survival horror game, gamers can’t help but notice that the game has it out for Ethan Winters’ hands.

Within the first couple of hours of Resident Evil Village our main protagonist has his left fingers bitten off by a Lycan. His hand is then cut open by Lady Dimitrescu for a taste of blood, then pierced by hooks as he is strung up. The kicker is when Winters tries to escape Lady Dimitrescu by activating a gate switch only to have his entire hand severed off — miraculously, he’s able to reattach the hand using First Aid Med.

The hand abuse in Resident Evil Village hasn’t gone unnoticed as fans have been pouring into Twitter to share some memes of the ill-treated limbs, including their own jokes about the miracle liquid that helped reattach Ethan Winters’ hand. Check out some of the tweets below.

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