Tom Hiddleston Highlights the Importance of Loki's Redemption Story

The second season of Loki has been announced ever since the last episode of its first season aired, and looking forward to what’s to come for the beloved God of Mischief, the titular antihero’s actor Tom Hiddleston has reflected on his experience with Loki’s redemption story throughout the Disney+ series.

“I understand the audience sees good in Loki — they want him to get past his internal and external obstacles,” Hiddleston told Variety in a recent interview. “They want him to repair that relationship with his brother and step into the hero that he can be.”

Explaining the effect Sylvie (his female variant) had on him, the British actor continued: “He realizes, ‘Actually, I can choose my path and choose to do the right thing. Or I choose, at least, not to repeat the same old tricks that I repeated over and over in a cycle of trust and betrayal.’ It’s exciting to retain all the characteristics that make Loki, Loki, and at the same time to play slightly different music within him.”

Unfortunately, there’s no release date yet for the second season of Loki, so fans of the MCU should definitely stay tuned for more updates to come.

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