The Identity of Scream's New Killer Was Kept a Secret Even From the Cast

Despite several films spanning several decades, the central question of Scream remains quite simple: who’s behind the mask? In each installment, the answer is complicated and typically involves an unforeseeable twist. (It’s the boyfriend! And the boyfriend’s friend! It’s the deceased boyfriend’s scorned mom!) But over time, audiences got savvier, and for their upcoming fifth film, directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett came up with a solution.

In virtual interviews last year, several cast members confirmed that the killer’s identity had been concealed even to them. Marley Shelton, who first appeared as Deputy Judy Hicks in Scream 4, said they were initially given the script “up to page 77,” while newcomer Sonia Ammar (Liv McKenzie) spoke about the existence of scripts with different endings.

“The cardinal rule in when making a Scream is everyone is a suspect. Everybody is capable,” Shelton said, before noting that only at the very end of filming would Ghostface be revealed, and only to those involved in that particular shoot. “It’s an experiment, but I think the idea is to kind of maintain that truly for all of us actors. Are we guilty? Are we innocent? Everyone’s a suspect.”

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