The Astrological Signs Of The Democratic Candidates

Kamala Harris

Star sign: Libra

Birthday: October 20, 1964

Age: 54

Particularly Libra trait: Libras are known to try and create equilibrium in their life so it’s no surprise that Kamala wanted to be a lawyer growing up. She told the San Francisco Chronicle in 2009, “I thought that that was the way you do good things and serve and achieve justice. It was pretty simple.”

Cory Booker

Star sign: Taurus

Birthday: April 27, 1969

Age: 50

Particularly Taurus trait: Booker loves food — yes, the typical Taurus stereotype, sorry — and has been a vegan since 2014. He recently rattled off a list of his favorite plant-based comfort food restaurants: New York’s Screamer’s Pizza, Avant Garden, and Champ’s Diner, Philadelphia’s HipCityVeg, and Newark’s Blueberry Cafe.

Bernie Sanders

Star sign: Virgo

Birthday: September 8, 1941

Age: 78

Particularly Virgo trait: Virgos are practical, helpful, and put others before themselves — which actually look a lot like Bernie’s political aspirations. His plans for medicare for all, free college tuition, and getting rid of student debt all fall in line with his Virgo nature.

Pete Buttigieg

Star sign: Pisces

Birthday: January 19, 1982

Age: 37

Particularly Pisces trait: Mayor Pete graduated from Harvard, and it’s no surprise here astrologically because Pisces are known as the wisest people in the zodiac.

Elizabeth Warren

Star sign: Cancer

Birthday: June 22, 1949

Age: 70

Particularly Cancer trait: Cancers are known for being compassionate, intuitive, and loyal — and Warren’s plans to address income inequality and the disappearing middle class fall right in line. (Her birthday falls right on the Gemini/Cancer cusp, for anyone wondering…)

Joe Biden

Star sign: Scorpio

Birthday: November 20, 1942

Age: 76

Particularly Scorpio trait: Scorpios are known for being driven by power. One might say he was the second-most powerful person as Vice President of the United States… Scorpios are also known for their “sting,” and Biden has let this show in the most recent debate.

Beto O’Rourke

Star sign: Libra

Birthday: September 26, 1972

Age: 46

Particularly Libra trait: Like any good ~balanced~ Libra from Texas would do, Beto’s main message in this race (as well as is 2018 Senate race) is all about unity. He’s also fluent in Spanish.

Marianne Williamson

Star sign: Cancer

Birthday: July 8, 1952

Age: 67

Particularly Cancer trait: To be honest, everything about Marianne screams “I’m a Cancer” from the things that come out of her mouth in the debates to her long line of spiritual self-help books. As she put it, “each of us has a unique part to play in the healing of the world.”

Julián Castro

Star sign: Virgo

Birthday: September 16, 1974

Age: 44 years

Particularly Virgo trait: Like many fellow Virgos who put others before themselves, Julián recently stood up for the rights of animals by creating the “PAW” (Protecting Animals and Wildlife) plan, which will ban animal testing in the beauty industry and make animal cruelty a federal crime.

Tulsi Gabbard

Star sign: Aries

Birthday: April 12, 1981

Age: 38

Particularly Aries trait: Aries are passionate, motivated leaders who are extremely determined. This is evident in Tulsi’s positions on U.S. armed forces and military intervention overseas, which are fueled by her previous time spent in the United States Army. Speaking of motivation, she founded Healthy Hawaii Coalition, an environmental non-profit when she was a teenager.

Andrew Yang

Star sign: Capricorn

Birthday: January 13, 1975

Age: 44

Particularly Capricorn trait: Capricorns are known for being the hardest workers in the zodiac, and Yang is no different given his pre-political life as a successful businessman. Speaking of very Capricorn things, one of his campaign slogans is “MATH,” which stands for “Make America Think Harder.”

Tom Steyer

Star sign: Cancer

Birthday: June 27, 1957

Age: 62

Particularly Cancer trait: Sure, he’s worth over 1.6 billion dollars, but he’s a billionaire with a heart (very Cancer). The noted philanthropist founded the B corp OneRoof in 2004 with his wife that helped bring computer literacy in small rural towns and runs the TomKat Ranch, which conducts research and grows food through regenerative farming.

Bill de Blasio

Star sign: Taurus

Birthday: May 8, 1961

Age: 58

Particularly Taurus trait: De Blasio supports legalized marijuana, a favorite vice for Tauruses. He also implemented “Summer Streets” in New York City, a series of weekends where certain streets are shut down and city dwellers can enjoy some relaxing walks through the city without cars whizzing past them — a true Taurean dream.

Tim Ryan

Star sign: Cancer

Birthday: July 16, 1973

Age: 46

Particularly Cancer trait: Some of Tim’s campaign issues are VERY Cancer-like in that they are about bettering peoples lives — specifically his plans to protect union rights.

Wayne Messam

Star sign: Gemini

Birthday: June 7, 1974

Age: 45

Particularly Gemini trait: Like most Geminis, Wayne has talents in many different areas: he’s a politician, businessman, and used to play college football at Florida State.

Joe Sestak

Star sign: Sagittarius

Birthday: December 12, 1951

Age: 67

Particularly Sagittarius trait: A recent Philadelphia Inquirer profile points out that Joe refuses to acknowledge that he’s a long shot in this race — overconfidence being a totally Sagittarius characteristic — as evidenced by this recent quote he gave the paper: “One percent ties me for 9th. I’m ahead of (John) Delaney and he’s been running for two years.”

John Delaney

Star sign: Aries

Birthday: April 16, 1963

Age: 56

Particularly Aries trait: Proof that an Aries with motivation is unstoppable, Delaney was once the youngest CEO of a publicly traded company.

Amy Klobuchar

Star sign: Gemini

Birthday: May 25, 1960

Age: 59

Particularly Gemini trait: Like the classic Gemini trope, one might suggest that Amy seems to have two sides to her: one that fights for raising the minimum wage, and the other that allegedly yelled at someone on her staff for forgetting to bring her a fork. “It’s a Gemini thing, you wouldn’t understand!” — a Gemini, probably.

Michael Bennet

Star sign: Sagittarius

Birthday: November 28, 1964

Age: 54

Particularly Sagittarius trait: Bennet overcame dyslexia as a child and went on to graduate from Wesleyan University and Yale Law School, where he served as the Editor In Chief of the Yale Law Journal. That’s some big Sagittarius energy!

Steve Bullock

Star sign: Aries

Birthday: April 11, 1966

Age: 53

Particularly Aries trait: Being a super late entry to the Democratic race and absolutely not giving a crap? Very Aries.

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