The AM show shakeup: Who will replace Mark Richardson and Amanda Gillies?

All three of The AM Show’s original hosts have left or will soon leave the show.

With the opportunity presented to the Discovery network, Three looks set to use this opportunity to reinvigorate the morning show lineup for 2022, and newly appointed host Ryan Bridge will remain.

With chairs to fill, the media company could cast the eye on in-house talent – or poach key talent from rival broadcaster TVNZ.

With speculation rife in the industry, we round up a list of potential TV personalities who could take on the morning show challenge.

Wendy Petrie

Petrie is an on-screen staple for most of New Zealand, and it could be enough to pull viewers away from their TVNZ 1 morning routine.

She was made redundant last year as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and has been filling in various anchor and hosting roles since.

If she is looking for a permanent hosting role of a current affairs show, this could be a good opportunity.

Patrick Gower

If there’s anyone who could refresh the AM Show, our money is on Gower.

He has widespread appeal with audiences young and old, thanks in part to his “this is the f****ing news” video.

If Discovery wants to compete with Breakfast’s popularity on TikTok, giving him a job could be a sure thing.

Tova O'Brien

Likewise, Tova O’Brien is an excellent choice. Her ferocious reporting would add much-needed energy to the morning show slot.

Alongside Bridge, she could lift the show to one that routinely grills politicians and other newsmakers.

Laura Daniel

Already a Seven Sharp favourite, Daniel is a solid option to bring some comic flair to the morning slot on the rival network.

She previously starred on Three’s Jono and Ben and worked on 7 Days, so the Taskmaster NZ winner could be a standout choice if she is willing to make the jump back to Three.

Chris Parker

The comedian turned TV and Instagram personality is a star on the rise. If the AM show wants to appeal to the mass demographic, then Parker ticks all those boxes.

His intellect, yet self-deprecating nature resonates with Kiwis, and his affinity for a jolly good piece of knitwear is as charming as it is lush.

Wilhelmina Shrimpton

Discovery may not have to look far to find talent to replace someone like Amanda Gillies.

Shrimpton joined Newshub in 2015, but only recently left the network to explore new opportunities.

PJ Harding

Having recently returned from Melbourne, working on the KIIS FM breakfast show, Harding is a seasoned pro when it comes to morning media.

While the ex-ZM presenter returned to New Zealand for some solace and family life, the opportunity to nab the host while she’s still a free agent is a no-brainer.

It’s hard to deny the likeability and youthfulness that comes with her on-air presence – something which the AM show desperately needs in the midst of a shake-up.

Josh Thomson

Thomson is no stranger to the network, having worked on The Project, and leaving to focus on his acting career.

And if the network is looking to inject a little humour into their morning television, then Thomson brings it in droves. Pair him with a hard-news journalist and a crafty critic, and the network might just have a winning trio on their hands.

Jenny Suo

Presenter Jenny Suo is a triple threat: she’s an amazing reporter, presenter, and a dancer.

The 1 News Tonight anchor and Breakfast newsreader would thrive with a permanent role on a morning current affairs show.

The multi-talented TVNZ star would slot in nicely alongside Bridge and any other potential combinations.

She began her career at Three, and joined TVNZ in 2017 so she might be willing to head back to her former network.

Matty McLean

While McLean is likely loyal to his Breakfast team, the weather presenter could decide he’s sick of the descending weather chaos and decide to jump ship to Three instead.

He is also popular with youthful audiences and could lead a strategy – aka a social media strategy – to engage a broader amount of people.

Meme-worthy moments could be a ratings smash waiting to happen.

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