Steve Wozniak Is Reportedly Launching a New Space Company

Steve Wozniak has reportedly started his own space company, Privateer Space. The Apple co-founder took to Twitter to announce the launch of his private firm over the weekend. However, the post appeared to be cryptic, providing very limited details on his latest venture.

In a teaser introducing Privateer to the public, the video does mention that the startup was also co-founded by former Apple engineer Alex Fielding. Both Wozniak and Fielding have worked together in previous years, dating all the way back to 2002 when they co-founded Wheels of Zeuz (WoZ), focusing on GPS smart tags. When WoZ shut down in 2006, Wozniak also sat on the board of directors of Fielding’s startup, Ripcord Networks. The video seems to be a subtle response to the recent billionaire “space race” that saw Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson take to space. The footage made a dig with a simple statement that said, “This isn’t a race.”

The official Privateer Space website states that more information regarding the venture will be released in the upcoming AMOS tech conference set to be hosted in Maui, Hawaii on September 14. Take a look at the video below and Wozniak’s tweet below.

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