Sony Is Reportedly Working on a PS5-Remake of 'The Last of Us'

Sony is reportedly working on a PS5 remake of a blockbuster game. The Last of Us, a post-apocalyptic action-adventure originally released in 2013, is getting its second wind, according to a source from within Sony’s PlayStation Studios.

Reports indicate that a remake of the game has been passed around at PlayStation Studios. The exact status of the game, however, remains unclear. Initially, the game’s development, involving a team of 30 people, was being led by director Michael Mumbauer, but it appears he’s split off from the team to start his own studio. The project was then handed over to the title’s original developer Naughty Dog, which reports did not receive adequate support to fully complete the game. Other reports have also suggested it’s highly likely this remake will be bundled with a PS5 version of the title’s sequel.

In other news, Sony is planning to bring PlayStation games to mobile.
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