"SNL" Star Chloe Fineman's Impersonation of Anna Delvey Is Spot On

Chloe Fineman channeled her inner Anna Delvey during “Saturday Night Live”‘s March 5 episode, hosted by Oscar Isaac. In the sketch titled “Inventing Chloe,” the “SNL” star parodied Netflix’s crime drama “Inventing Anna,” donning flashy clothes and oversized, black-framed glasses. Speaking with a Russian-German accent, Fineman goes around grumbling about the “basic” food in the office and telling people she’s going to wire the money she owes them.

The hilarious sketch concludes with Kate McKinnon telling Fineman, “I can’t help but notice you’ve been Delvy-ing everyone today.” Finally snapping out of it, Fineman takes off her glasses and hands them over to McKinnon. Once Fineman is out of the picture, McKinnon tries on the glasses herself, quipping, “There can only be one Delvey around here.” Watch the funny clip above!

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