Sideswipe: January 14: The literal long white cloud

Lockdown blind date

In China, more than 20 million people in several cities are under strict lockdown orders — and while some people are having trouble getting enough food, the tight controls have also created some more amusing situations. A woman in China has been in lockdown for four days with a man she had met for a blind date. “I’m getting old now, my family introduced me to 10 matches,” the woman said. “The fifth date wanted to show off his cooking skills and invited me over to his house for dinner.” She said she ended up stuck with the man and his family for at least four days after a lockdown was announced just as she was getting ready to leave, the Global Times reports. Her videos show the man cooking and doing chores, though romance might not be in store: In an interview with Shanghai-based news outlet the Paper, the woman described the man as “mute as a wooden mannequin” and said she would prefer someone a bit more talkative. But “despite his food being mediocre, he’s still willing to cook, which I think is great”, she added.

Fred Perry Proud Boys shirt

The far-right, all-male group Proud Boys — labelled a white nationalist hate group by some for obnoxious rhetoric and openly courting political violence, has, to the dismay of preppy British fashion brand Fred Perry, adopted one of their signature polos (yellow on black, with the brand’s wreath logo) as a sort of de facto uniform. The company has denounced the group and has withdrawn the shirt from the US and Canadian markets. Commentators suggest the very familiarity of the Fred Perry shirt makes it useful to a group like the Proud Boys, trying to attach a mainstream persona to extremist behaviours.

Know your lady anatomy, bruh

Maxine writes: “Many years ago I worked for an electrical wholesaler. One of the products we sold was fluorescent tubes and one day an apprentice electrician came into the store looking for fallopian tubes. We were the second store he’d tried and he was referred to a third. Part of the initiation process.”

False advertising

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