Samsung Unveils Behemoth 55-Inch Odyssey Ark Curved Gaming Monitor

Samsung has just unveiled an absolute behemoth of a gaming monitor. Measuring 55 inches wide, the new Odyssey Ark is the largest 1000R curved display to be offered on the consumer market, and it also comes with impressive specs to give gamers something truly to desire.

Supporting up to 4K and 165Hz, the screen uses Quantum Mini LEDs combined with 14-bit processing to provide 16,384 black levels and a static contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1. Quantum HDR 2000 gives it a peak brightness of 2,000 nits, and a matte finish also helps to reduce any glare or reflections coming through your window.

While most will use the display horizontally, the Odyssey Ark comes with a Cockpit mode that’ll let you rotate it by 90 degrees to offer you a portrait configuration that pretty much equals to stacking three conventional monitors on top of each other, but removing all the unsightly bezels. An Ark Dial remote provides quick and easy access to some of the monitor’s settings, and a four-speaker sound system paired with two sub-woofers offers a total output of 60W for more immersion.

Now available for reservations over on the tech company’s website, Samsung’s new Odyssey Ark 55-inch monitor will go for $3,500 USD.

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