Reebok Announces Long-Term Endorsement Deal With Myles Garrett

Reebok already has a sizable batch of athletes and celebrities tied to the brand such as NBA legends Allen Iverson, Shaq and Shawn Kemp, along with various celebrities like Cardi B. But it’s aiming for some roster expansion this season, so it has officially announced that all-defensive pro Myles Garrett will be joining the family.

“Growing up admiring all-time greats like Allen Iverson, Shaq, and Shawn Kemp I’m extremely excited to be joining the Reebok family,” said Garrett. “I really pride myself on having a lot of interests off the field so to be working with a brand that promotes individuality and encourages people to pursue the things that bring them joy is incredible. I’m looking forward to showcasing more of who I am on and off the field to help better establish the brand in performance and lifestyle.”

The Cleveland Browns football player has signed a long-term endorsement deal that involves him delivering new energy to the brand’s classics, running, cross-training and heritage basketball categories. He’ll participate in various product testing initiatives so he can provide feedback for the brand’s future performance models. On the lifestyle front, you can expect Garrett to be lacing up silhouettes like the Question, Classic Leather, Floatride and more.

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