Reddit Is Now Selling Custom Avatars as NFTs

Reddit is now selling custom avatars as NFTs. Working with artists on its own platform, Reddit has now announced plans to begin selling custom images of its mascot Snoo as NFTs under a collection called Collectible Avatars, and you’ll be able to purchase them on its new storefront.

Much like its Community tokens, the avatars will be stored in Reddit’s own proprietary wallet known as Vault, and you’ll of course be able to display them as your own avatar. Fortunately for those who aren’t so cryptocurrency-inclined, you’ll also be able to purchase these custom avatars with real fiat currencies despite them being blockchain-based, so you won’t have to first purchase ETH to get hold of them.

“Seeing avatars take off got us thinking – what would happen if we gave artists on Reddit license to make any style of avatar they wanted?” the company wrote in a new blog post. “And what if we could help these artists showcase their art to the entire Reddit community and make it easy for them to earn money for their work? Our new Collectible Avatars storefront does just that.”

Reddit says the Collectible Avatars will be available in the next few weeks, so those interested won’t have too much longer to wait.

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