Rachael Ray Gives Viewers a Gorgeous Look at Her Festive Country Home 2 Years After Devastating Fire

In 2020, Rachael Ray and husband John Cusimano lost their gorgeous Adirondacks home in upstate New York to a devastating fire. The talk show host decided to give her viewers an update on how they rebuilt their home while sharing their festive Christmas decorations. 

Noting that it was the couple’s “second Christmas back” in their main home (they lived in their guesthouse on the property during construction), Ray noted, “We’re slowly rebuilding, guys. And we wanted to give you a little tour of what we did this year.” With countless Christmas trees and holiday wreaths, the daytime star showed a few items that “actually survived the fire,” including an antique Scandinavian sleigh that was used for weddings back in the day. She also pointed out a stunning “friendship bench” that was another “weird survivor of the fire” because it was against a wall untouched by the blaze. 


The centerpiece of her home used to be the living room, which is now renovated into a dining room — and Ray showed the dramatic difference between the burned-out space to its elegant transformation. The couple has even adopted one tradition from the pandemic that they plan on using again this year — a back porch warmed with space heaters so their family can be together safely. “This is where we could sit at a distance and have little space heaters on all during the pandemic,” she pointed to a decorated table and benches. “So for the last three years, really, this has become our tradition.”

Ray and Cusimano are looking forward to completing the home, which is still a work in progress and creating new memories in a place they love so much.

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