Primark forced to stop selling tea towels after shoppers spot hilarious errors

Primark's quality control team have had a bit of a tough time recently.

Already this month customers have spotted a number of awkward errors including a Disney top carrying a Harry Potter logo and a misspelling on a unicorn bed set .

The retailer has now been forced to pull a London-themed tea towel off its shelves after shoppers spotted the product was littered with hilarious errors.

Depicting an illustrated map of the capital, many of the city's major landmarks are located in entirely the wrong place.

To start with, Westminster Abbey is labelled 'Westminister' – and then there's the geography.

Big Big, which is shown not to be connected to the Houses of Parliament, is wrongly placed on the south of the River Thames.

The London Eye is incorrectly pictured to be north of the river and Westminster Abbey (sorry, Westminister) has also taken a little swim to the wrong side of the Thames.

Popular tourist sites The Gherkin and St Paul's Cathedral (missing its punctuation) also both feature on the wrong side of Tower Bridge.

Vic Norman, who leads historical walking tours of London, said: “It's not only geographically challenged, the spelling and punctuation need a makeover."

The tea towels, which were sold in a multi-pack and cost £2.50, are now no longer available after the embarrassing mistakes were spotted.

One Twitter user joked: "Don’t get me started on swans taller than taxis.”

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