Polymega's Ultra Module EM05 Lets You Play Classic N64 Titles

Polymega has just added the pre-order to another module to its groundbreaking retro gaming console. Adding to the NES, SNES, Genesis, Neo Geo, Sega CD and PlayStation titles from its previous introduction, retro gamers can now include Nintendo N64 titles to that list thanks to the Element Modules EM05.

This pre-order includes both the EM05 Ultra Module and the RC05 Ultra Controller. The EM05 is also compatible with North American, PAL, and Japanese cartridges and can also run the Memory Pak, Rumble Pak, and has the Expansion Pak automatically enabled. Set to ship in 12 – 18 weeks, the pre-order can be found now over at the Polymega website for $89 USD.

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