Pedro Pascal tells Bella Ramsey sweet reason behind his go-to red carpet pose

Pedro Pascal has explained the reason why he repeats a pose every time he hits the red carpet.

The star of shows like Game of Thrones, Narcos, The Mandalorian and The Last of Us, the actor is no stranger to walking a red carpet or strutting onto stage to promote one of his projects.

However, while he’s regularly turned to one particular pose most times he’s been snapped by photographers, it turns out there’s a very sweet reason behind it.

During a recent event to celebrate the massive success of post-apocalyptic drama The Last of Us, Pedro, 48, was seen explaining to his co-star Bella Ramsey, 19, why he was placing his hand on his chest.

At one point, the pair were stopped and asked to pose for photographs.

Soon after Bella was seen asking the actor about why he had his hand on his chest, to which he grinned and said: ‘I do it, you know why?’

‘Because I put my anxiety right here.’

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