Papa John's Introduces BaconMania With New Sizzling Trio of Menu Items

Papa John’s is bringing back the bacon this season. The quintessential pizza chain is introducing BaconMania to all its fans with three new menu items in their lineup.

For a limited time only, Papa John’s is adding a mouthwatering pizza topped with full strips of bacon perfect for football Sundays. The Triple Bacon Pizza features smoky crumbled bacon, julienne-cut Canadian bacon and real smoked bacon strips to round out the sizzling meal. The pizza chain has also added the Smokey Bacon Parmesan Crusted Papadia, which is a toasted flatbread-style sandwich that also includes Canadian bacon and sliced smoked bacon strips. The toasty is also stuffed with fresh onions and covered in creamy ranch sauce, satisfying those who are looking for a bacon-focused sandwich. Last but not least of the trio is the Bacon Jalapeño Popper Rolls, which are filled with Philadelphia cream cheese, hickory-smoked bacon and jalapeños. The cream cheese gives a creamy kick to the poppers, sure to keep the taste buds wanting more.

The trio of BaconMania items will be available starting October 25 in participating stores across the U.S.

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