Oxygen Dives Into Scorned Lovers’ Affairs With ‘Killer Affair’: First Look

High crime at its finest. Oxygen is looking closer at true stories of murder ignited by deception, infidelity and jealousy in a brand new series called Killer Affair, Us Weekly can exclusively announced.

Each episode of the show will follow a new investigation of a true story of murder ignited by a messy relationship. Exploring the dark heart of love triangle gone wrong, jealousy becomes the motive in many of the crimes of passion. The show includes juicy first-hand interviews with friends, family and investigators, and captivating re-enactments, in order to fully showcase the tangled web of lies.

“With surprising twists and turns, and unexpected suspects, the killers are brought to justice for these intensely personal crimes of passion,” the press release adds.

Watch the first intense trailer for the series above.

Killer Affair premieres on Oxygen Thursday, July 11, at 8 p.m. ET.

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