Off-White™ and Daily Paper To Unveil Ghana's First Skatepark With Tribute to Virgil Abloh

Daily Paper, Off-White™ and Surf Ghana will debut Ghana’s first-ever skatepark on Wednesday, December 15 with a tribute to the late Virgil Abloh. The skatepark, aptly named Freedom Skatepark, was first announced in December of last year, when Surf Ghana launched a digital campaign to solicit funds for development, with support from Off-White™ and Daily Paper.

Abloh, who passed away last month after a private multi-year battle with cancer, had supported the initiative since its inception and had been involved in the development of Freedom Skatepark for the last four years as a Ghanaian ambassador. During the opening ceremony, organizers will host a tribute to the late visionary, which will include performances from local artists and DJs.

Following the opening, Surf Ghana intends to organize various art and sporting events at the skating venue, which will include workshops, mentoring programs, art exhibitions and other skate competitions on the African continent. While the skatepark will certainly serve as an informal hang-out spot, Surf Ghana ultimately hopes it will help foster the country’s participation in future Olympic skateboarding events.

“With this initiative we hope to evolve the skate culture in Ghana to the next level and give locals a platform to grow their talents within a space that will hopefully become their biggest training ground to date,” said Daily Paper co-founder Jefferson Osei in a statement. “They now have a place where they can be themselves, freely develop their skills together with likeminded people and reach their true potential. Hence the name Freedom Skatepark.”

Take a look at Freedom Skatepark above.

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