Nintendo Reports Drop in Switch Sales Due to Global Chip Shortage

Following the close of its fiscal year on March 31, Nintendo has reported a slight decrease in hardware sales. While the company met its sales predictions for the Nintendo Switch, shipping out a little over 23 million units, it has revised that number from an original estimate of over 25 million units.

Although the Switch is Nintendo’s most popular piece of hardware, the past fiscal year’s sales marked a 20% drop from the previous year. To date, the company has still sold more Switch units than the Wii.

Sales overall for the year clocked in at $13 billion USD, down from $13.48 million USD the year prior. The decline can be attributed to the global semiconductor shortage, as well as shipping delays due to the pandemic.

​​“If COVID-19 interferes with production or transportation in the future, this might impact the supply of products,” Nintendo said in its report.

In the coming fiscal year, Nintendo has forecast $12.27 billion USD in revenue and $3.84 billion USD in operating profit.

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