New 'Masters of the Universe: Revelation' Trailer Reveals Unlikely Alliance to Save Eternia

After a month-long wait since its first initial teaser, follow by the the official trailer, fans of He-Man have been given another look at the upcoming Kevin Smith-created Masters of the Universe: Revelation series.

Set for two parts, the first made up for five 30-minute episodes, this new trailer previews more of the storyline and channels the same energy as the original ’80s cartoon as we see our heroes band together to save magic — thus saving Eternia. The trailer ends at the two-and-a-half-minute mark, but not before delivering He-Man’s famous “I Have the Power!” line along with Mark Hamill’s cackle as Skeletor.

Fans of the cartoon franchise can expect the first part of Masters of the Universe: Revelations to release on Netflix on July 23.

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