Netflix's 'Arcane' Reveals a Sneak Peak of its Season Finale

The highly anticipated League of Legends Netflix series Arcane has turned out to be a great success scoring a perfect 100% on Rotten Tomato’s Tomatometer and a 98% audience score. With a combination of stunning animation, a captivating storyline, and an exciting soundtrack/sound design, LoL fans and non-players alike have been thoroughly impressed by the six episodes released so far.

As the tension between Piltover and Zaun teeters on the brink of all-out war, the Part III teaser shows Jinx continuing her Hextech testing and following orders from the Zaun underground’s head honcho Silco, while Vi seeks revenge on the villain for brainwashing her sister. Seen forming an unlikely alliance with Piltover’s new Councilor Jayce, Vi is given the prototype Hextech gauntlets as the two set off to battle Silco together. Piltover begins mobilizing its troops and Zaun teases new Noxian warriors which fans speculate may be the character Urgot. Not shown in the teaser, is the looming question of how Viktor will use Hextech technology to overcome his illness.

The final three episodes of Arcane Season 1 will release on Netflix, November 20 at 12:00 a.m. PDT (3 a.m. EDT). Take a look at the minute-long teaser above.

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