Montell Fish Announces New EP Leading Up to ‘CHARLOTTE’ Album Release

Montell Fish is following up the recent release of his album JAMIE with a new EP. The Brooklyn-based singer will be putting out the 7-track project, entitled Her Love Still Haunts Me Like A Ghost, at the tail end of this month.

The EP will hear Fish build on his distinctly raw DIY sound, incorporating synthesizers and layered instrumentation, as well as dance-style tempos. The artist’s past projects have led with his vulnerable and haunting lyricism, and based on the EP title alone and his new song “Hotel,” listeners can expect him to continue to deliver poetic bars.

Fish described the EP as a “transitional project,” following July’s 10-song LP JAMIE.

“It’s essentially a sequel to JAMIE and a prequel to my next albums, CHARLOTTE and MARSHALL,” he said. “All three albums are loosely tied to the theme of grief and the emotions felt throughout the grieving process.”

JAMIE was centered around denial and isolation whereas CHARLOTTE is more about anger, so the new EP is kind of a bridge between those emotions. That’s why you’ll most likely notice a bit more bravado and rock elements incorporated with the more introspective and seductive R&B sounds on JAMIE,” he continued.

The singer will hit the road on his A Night With A Ghost Tour, kicking off on October 28 in Somerville, Massachusetts, making stops in Washington D.C., Brooklyn, Toronto, Chicago and more across 11-dates.

Montell Fish’s new EP Her Love Still Haunts Me Like A Ghost is out for streaming on October 28.

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