Mishka Teams Up With Movember To Create NFTs That Target Men's Health

Expanding its NFT collections into the sphere of men’s health, Mishka is partnering with Movember on a new collection of Non-Fungible Testicles. The cheeky title is intended to catch peoples’ attention, as the Non-Fungible Testicles NFTs raise awareness about testicular cancer in an artistic and interactive way. Launching during Testicular Cancer Month, the Non-Fungible Testicles will go up for mint on the Solana blockchain on April 26 at 3PM ET.

Working with Movember, a men’s health charity, the Non-Fungible Testicles are designed to be frequently checked online so that its holders will also be reminded to physically check their own anatomy. As holders check on their Non-Fungible Testicles, the NFTs will evolve to reveal additions of unique traits and become rarer over time. If holders forget to check on their NFTs, the rare traits on their testicular artworks will gradually disappear.

Each of the Non-Fungible Testicles NFTs contain several of the zany facial features that characters within Mishka’s universe are known for. There are bold eyes on each sphere that are reminiscent of the brand’s  “Keep Watch Eyeball” logo and unexpected accessories like piercings, halos, shark fins and mohawks. Once the Non-Fungible Testicles NFT collection goes up for mint, proceeds from the sales and resales of these NFTs will go towards supporting testicular cancer research and the multi-national TIGER trial.

The Non-Fungible-Testicles NFT collection will launch on the Solana blockchain on April 26 at 3PM ET. To discover more information about the collaboration and how the Non-Fungible-Testicles will change over time, head to Mishka’s website.
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