Microsoft Is Reportedly Paying Users to Use Microsoft Edge

Microsoft is supposedly paying users with Minecraft‘s in-game currency to use their browser, Microsoft Edge, possibly tempting younger customers.

The offer comes after last week’s departure of Internet Explorer after 27 years of service. In an attempt to receive more users for its browser, Microsoft is offering Minecoins — the in-game currency — for users who switch from their current default browser to Edge. All that is needed is to use Microsoft’s search engine Bing on their browser for five days and once completed, users will be rewarded 330 Minecoins, which is translated to roughly $3 USD. Minecoins are used to purchase custom content on the Minecraft Market. However, it is strictly used in the Bedrock version. As opposed to the Java version, the bedrock version tends to have a younger player base. Therefore, it seems that Microsoft is targetting at a younger audience from this promo.

The task itself is easy and requires little to no effort at all. It may be an eye-catching offer to younger generations who browse online on a daily basis anyway. It will be no surprise if this offer’s big factor revolves around data. On top of bringing new users to its browser, it also allows them to increase their traffic for Bing, which means more data for Microsoft.

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