Levi's Vintage Clothing Joins Forces With Clarks Originals for Manchester-Inspired Collection

Levi’s Vintage Clothing, known for its premium take on major denim classics has linked up with Clarks Originals for their Spring/Summer 2021 collection, titled “Loose Fix.” Levi’s Vintage Clothing and Clarks Originals are bringing back the iconic ’80s Manchester music scene, by placing a modern spin to the classic ’80s Madchester style where the Clarks Wallabees were the essential choice of shoe.

This season, Levi’s and Clarks is bringing forward three special edition shoes in conjunction with the seasonal “Loose Fix” color palette. Three classic Clarks silhouettes in premium suede and nubuck detailing include the Wallabee, which comes in pink suede, mauve nubuck trim and laces, the Desert Boot, which features Clarks’ timeless two-piece suede construction in light blue and lavender laces, and the Weaver, a two-shaded yellow suede silhouette with nubuck detailing.

Head Designer, Paul O’Neill for Levi’s Vintage Clothing said, “When we were putting together the ‘Loose Fix’ collection, we thought it would be amazing to collaborate with Clarks to coincide with it. They were really big in Manchester in the ‘80s and throughout the UK. I’ve probably been wearing them myself for the last 30 years. It’s just a really old school approach to making shoes that are timeless, shoes people will always love. These are all traditional Clarks shoes with a contemporary approach to color.”

The triage Levi’s Vintage Clothing x Clarks Original collab is set to be available online at Levi’s, on its app and select retail stores starting June 11.

Take a look above at the assortment of colorways for the Levi’s x Clarks collection.
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