LeBron James, Drake and Naomi Osaka Team Up To Invest in Sports Technology Company, Potentially Worth Billions

LeBron James, Drake and Naomi Osaka have linked up to invest in a sports technology company called StatusPro. Started by two former football players, Andrew Hawkins and Troy Jones, the firm describes themselves as a sports tech and gaming company that incorporates player’s data and augmented and virtual reality to create a bevvy of training and fan engagement products.

According to the press release, the sports tech firm is part of a growing industry that is projected to be worth $57 billion USD by 2027. StatusPro currently has partnerships with a number of NFL teams including the Baltimore Ravens, the NFL Players Association and NCAA collegiate teams. Additional investors for the company include Verizon, KB Partners, Greycroft and Leeds United stakeholders.

Hawkins and Jones are amongst the less than one percent of Black entrepreneurs who receive funding from traditional venure capitalist firms. Hawkins said, “It’s incredibly humbling that pioneers of their level believe in us as founders and in our vision for this industry. We always say StatusPRO is only as strong as our team, and our team just got a whole lot stronger.”

Naomi Osaka, a strategic investor for the company praised the duo sharing, “I look for investment opportunities that can have a lasting impact on culture and society – and StatusPRO is poised to do that. It’s not only going to influence gaming and entertainment (two things I am passionate about), but also the way athletes can train and analyze their performance.” With the help of investments from James, Drake and Naomi Osaka, StatusPro hopes to take its products beyond football and into other facets of the industry.

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