Korean singer HyunA labelled as 'cheap' after she wore seductive clothing on stage

HyunA should have been arrested, some netizens feel.

They were upset over her choice of outfit when the South Korean singer performed at a music festival in Seoul on Sunday (July 21).

She wore a pink bra top and shorts, which led some netizens to describe her as “cheap”, given that she behaved provocatively on stage too.

“Aren’t her shorts too short?” one netizen posted while another noted that HyunA, 27, probably did not visit the gym since her body did not look toned.

Many slammed the singer as an attention-seeker who did not care that her skimpy clothing and stage antics would be unsuitable for the kids in the audience.

While all this talk is not flattering to her, astute observers think that any publicity is still good publicity, and that her agency P-Nation, owed by Psy, could have deliberately advised her to take the attention-grabbing route.

HyunA, who was part of now-defunct Wonder Girls, was also recently said to have inflated her lips via surgery though she came out to shut down such speculation.


감사합니다 ?

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감사합니다 ?

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