King Charles III Isn't the Only Royal to Face Anti-Monarchy Protestors as They Target a New Family Member

King Charles III and Queen Camilla have been trying to dodge anti-monarchy protestors over the last few months without much success. And now, it looks like the anti-monarchists have a new target: Kate Middleton. 

During the Princes of Wales’ visit to the Foundling Museum in London on Thursday, a lone activist patiently waited for her arrival at the location. The woman held a sign that read, “#BornEqual” and “Monarchy is child abuse.” She stood among Kate’s fans as she chanted, “Born equal” as the Princess of Wales emerged from the building, according to royal reporter Victoria Murphy’s Twitter video.

As expected, Kate carried like the true royal family pro that she is — unbothered and not ruffled by the outcry. Murphy confirmed with the protestor that she was there on her own, and not a part of Republic’s anti-monarchy efforts which have plagued Charles and Camilla, even on their coronation day. 

Republic representative Graham Smith told the Daily Mail before Charles’ coronation that British citizens are “losing interest” and “turning against” the royal family. “Instead of a pointless, expensive, coronation we need a serious public debate,” he said. “We believe the British public should be asked, do you want Charles or a choice? The tide is starting to turn against the monarchy, and we need a serious debate about its future.” The vocal opposition against the palace is making more waves after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, and it seems they are quite successful in generating headlines for themselves against the royal family.

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