Kevin Durant Shuts Down Scottie Pippen for Saying He "Didn't Know How To Play Team Basketball"

In a recent interview with GQ, NBA veteran Scottie Pippen had some words for current stars in the league. Although delivering praises to Brooklyn Nets‘ star snipe shooter Kevin Durant, he was also not shy to criticize the player’s ability to play as a part of a team. The comments come just days after Steve Kerr called KD “more gifted” than Michael Jordan.

KD caught wind of the comments and took to Twitter to blast the retired basketball player writing, “Didn’t the great Scottie pippen refuse to go in the game for the last second shot because he was in his feelings his coach drew up the play for a better shooter??” Durant also comments on the time Pippen talked about delaying surgery just so he could “enjoy the summer.” KD clapped back calling Pippen out on his tomfoolery.

Pippen discussed the recent playoff series that saw the Brooklyn Nets surrender to the Milwaukee Bucks, comparing Durant’s performance to that of LeBron James. Pippen prefaced his comments by laying the groundwork of a compliment stating, “KD can score better than LeBron, probably always have been able to.” However he also adds, “But has he surpassed LeBron? Naw. He tried to beat the Milwaukee Bucks instead of utilizing his team. You see what I’m saying? LeBron James would’ve figured out how to beat them and he wouldn’t have been exhausted and he may not have taken the last shot. But LeBron ain’t KD, and KD ain’t LeBron. KD is a shooter, a scorer. But he doesn’t have what LeBron has.”

The Chicago Bulls player continued to give his thoughts on KD’s playoff abilities, later insinuating that his MVP wins were nothing without Steph Curry as a leader, “A two-time MVP. In the Finals. [Laughs.] That’s good when you’ve got Steph Curry leading the troops. But when you’re leading the troops, you gotta know how to lead and win. And KD, as great as his offense was, it turned out to be his worst enemy because he didn’t know how to play team basketball when it came down to it. He kept trying to go punch for punch. They were beating him with Giannis [Antetokounmpo], [Khris] Middleton, and what’s the little guard name?”

Check out KD’s responses below.

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