Joe Biden Just Made His TikTok Debut to Promote Vaccines — Using the Bing Bong Sound, No Less

Image Source: Getty / Chip Somodevilla

In the past few weeks, I’ve seen everyone from Lil Nas X and Olivia Rodrigo to everyday creators use the viral “Bing Bong” sound on TikTok. But I can’t say I expected to see Joe Biden — in partnership with the Jonas Brothers for that matter – take part in the trend next. In a TikTok video shared on Friday, Nick, Kevin, and Joe Jonas aggressively lip sync to the “bing bong” audio, which included the hilarious “What do you want to tell Joe Byron right now?” bit originally from a Sidetalk interview.

After the clip, Kevin asks the president, who is revealed to be holding the iPhone camera, “Did we get it?” to which Biden responds, “We got it.” In the TikTok, the brothers also confirm each other are vaccinated, which is the reason for their visit to the White House: to promote vaccinations as the Omicron variant spreads rapidly across the US. Watch the video, with over three million views within two hours of posting, ahead and get vaccinated if you haven’t already!

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