Jean Jullien Unleashes 'Billy the Lit Companion' Edition

After unveiling a selection of sculptures and paintings for his “Les Gens” exhibition in Belgium, Jean Jullien returns with his first edition of the year entitled Billy The Lit Companion. Made in collaboration with Case Studyo, the functional artwork is a porcelain lamp in the shape of a dog.

Jullien’s hand-drawn illustrations are observed on the porcelain body of the lamp as well as the light bulb that arrives in two different facial expressions: “Happy” and “Moody.” Each edition measures 34 by 8 by 13 centimeteres, and are electric wired.

“Billy is a playful dog with a porcelain body, a lightbulb for a head and a radiant personality. Welcome him into your home and you’ll notice this dog will light up every room,” said Case Studyo in a statement.

Every edition is hand-signed, numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Only 100 units and 10 artist proofs are in the edition that is available to purchase via inquiry now on Case Studyo’s website.

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