James Jean Unveils 'Maze Arum' Sculpture Edition

James Jean continues to expand his cast of mythological subjects and surrealistnarratives in his practice with the release of a new sculpture edition called Maze Arum.

Made in collaboration with Avant Arte, the 3D object features a caped female figure holding a labyrinthine hoop and stick made from gold plated stainless steel. The elegant character is placed atop a circular bronze base complete with an edition number and the artist’s signature.

Maze Arum was originally inspired by a 2008 painting by Jean of the same name. Predominantly made of bronze, the figure’s surface is coated in a luminous mix of gold, silver, copper and pearl powders with a satin finish.

Check out the Maze Arum sculpture edition in the slideshow above and then head to Avant Arte’s website to join the waiting list to purchase a piece.

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