In the mood for a soul-soothing romance? Add Netflix’s Faraway to your watch list

If you’ve ever dreamed of inheriting a Croatian island getaway, then Netflix’s Faraway is the film for you… 

Once upon a time, romcoms were always about lovelorn twenty-somethings – usually making wild vows to marry their best friend if they haven’t found someone by (wait for it) the tender age of 28. And yes, I’m very much looking at you, My Best Friend’s Wedding.

Nowadays, though, things have changed, and for the better. This year, we have so many new romcoms to look forward to, and almost all of them are out to remind us that there is very much hope for romance after 30. And none more so, perhaps, than Netflix’s Faraway – which sees Naomi Krauss step into the well-heeled shoes of its heartworn heroine. 

Faraway on Netflix looks utterly idyllic, quite frankly.

Here’s everything you need to know about the soul-soothing film.

What’s Faraway about?

Directed by Vanessa Jopp (The Space Between Lines) and based on the screenplay by Jane Ainscough, this gorgeous new film centres on Zeynep Altin, a woman who is, quite frankly, at the end of her tether.

As the official synopsis explains, Zeynep is “overworked and pushed around by her husband, daughter and ageing father”. And, to top it all off, the funeral home has just put her beloved late mother in a stranger’s suit instead of her favourite dress. Yikes.

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The disastrous funeral proves to be the last straw for Zeynep, who decides that it’s time to escape Munich and flee to a sun-drenched island in Croatia. There, in the house that her mother bought secretly years ago (and gifted to Zeynep in her will), our heroine hopes to find peace, freedom and herself.

Too bad, then, that the house’s handsome former owner, Josip, is still living on the same property. And, yes, you better believe that their tentatively forged friendship is heading in exactly the direction we all want it to…

Watch the trailer for Faraway below:

Yup, now we’re craving a slice of that simple (and oh-so-idyllic) island life for ourselves. Sigh.

Who stars in Faraway?

The aforementioned Krauss – perhaps best known for her starring roles in The International and 8 Uhr 28 – will be making her Netflix Original debut as Zeynep. 

Father’s Goran Bogdan, meanwhile, will star opposite her as the incredibly thoughtful (and, let’s face facts, incredibly dreamy) Josip.

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They will be joined by Adnan Maral, Bahar Balci, Artjom Gilz and Davor Tomic.

What languages can Faraway be streamed in?

Faraway is very much a multilingual film, which means that audiences will hear multiple languages used throughout, including English, German, Turkish and Croatian.

We recommend, as ever, that you avoid the dubbed option and instead switch those subtitles on. That way, you won’t lose any of the magic.

When can we watch Faraway?

Faraway will be available to stream via Netflix very soon – on 8 March, in fact.

Will you be watching along with us?

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