Impossible Foods is Releasing Plant-Based Chicken Nuggets

Earlier this month, Popeyes announced it’s officially launching chicken nuggets after a nine-year hiatus, and Beyond Meat announced the release of its meatless chicken tenders. Impossible Foods now plans to debut its plant-based chicken nuggets this fall, launching first in restaurants before heading to supermarkets and schools. Could another chicken war be brewing?

Impossible Foods has started a movement of faux meats, with its products finding their way from Starbucks breakfast sandwiches to David Chang‘s burger at Momofuku Nishi, as well as 20,000 supermarkets in five international markets. The company is now planning to IPO with a projected valuation of as much as $10 billion USD.

Although Impossible Foods is a pioneer of imitation meats, it’s late to the game for plant-based chicken nuggets. However, according to Impossible President Dennis Woodside, the company has been working on chicken for some time now. What sets the Impossible nugget apart from its other meats is the omission of the ingredient heme, which is used to replicate the bite and fatty texture of meats, and is currently banned in Europe and China due to being genetically modified. The Impossible nuggets use soy protein and sunflower oil instead to replicate the mouthfeel.

Impossible’s major competitor Beyond Meats is currently under fire for the use of titanium dioxide, leading to an ongoing investigation by the European Food Safety Authority and the U.S Food and Drug Administration.

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