I Didn't Expect to Like The Princess Switched Sequel So Much, But Damn, I Think I Love It

Listen, I know I already said that I’m not a holiday person, but Netflix keeps making these perfect combinations of holiday movies and delightful comedies that I can’t resist! The first installment of The Princess Switch was memorable for being the cheesiest of cheesy rom-coms, but the sequel is actually pretty damn good. And not even in a “so bad it’s good” way! Vanessa Hudgens leaned into the ridiculous while playing three royal look-alikes, but in the best way possible. She has found her niche, and if she wants to keep pulling out these Netflix rom-coms, I am fully prepared to watch every single one! (That said, I think we can officially end this particular series with the upcoming threequel.) Keep reading to follow along as I journeyed back to Montenaro and caught up with Princess Stacey, soon-to-be Queen Margaret, and the wily newcomer, Fiona.

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