Here's 20 People With Good Vibes To Follow On Instagram

Why, hello there!! Have you found yourself in short supply of ~good vibes~ lately?

If so, look no further than these accounts:

1.Arielle Estoria, aka @arielleestoria” target=”_blank”>

Arielle is a poet, author, and speaker who shares snippets of her life along with original quotes and affirmations meant to inspire, enlighten, and empower.

2.Erika Brooks Adickman, aka @thiserikalife

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Erika uses found and recycled objects to create art that’s uplifting, whimsical, and lighthearted. She even creates entire scenes and dance numbers, like this one!

3.Amber Rae, aka @heyamberrae” target=”_blank”>

Amber is an artist, author, and speaker based in Brooklyn, New York, whose account is dedicated to helping her followers check in with themselves so they can feel their very best!

4.Sage Aune, aka @sagepizza

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Sage is an illustrator based in Arizona who creates prints that are bright, colorful, and hella relatable, like these tarot cards that pretty much cover all the things I love.

5.Jessamyn, aka @mynameisjessamyn

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Jessamyn is a yoga teacher, author, and body positivity advocate with the message that you don’t need to be a certain size to be fit, flexible, and strong.

6.Tyler Feder, aka @tylerfeder

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Tyler is an illustrator whose work centers around inspiration, body positivity, her fave TV shows, and more.

7.Popeye, aka @popeyethefoodie

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Rescue pup Popeye was once a stray, but has since been adopted into a loving family. He now visits different restaurants with his owners, where he poses in front of food while wearing adorable outfits. Basically, it’s everything you’ve ever wanted from an IG account and more.

8.Sara Tso, aka @matchboxkitchen

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A former baker turned zero-waste advocate, Sara chronicles her life in LA and gives tips on how to reduce waste and live your best (i.e., most sustainable) life!

9.Gemma Correll, aka @gemmacorrell

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Gemma’s art is funny, relatable, and, quite frankly, lets you know you’re not the only one who sometimes gets nervous making phone calls.

10.Sara Kuburić, aka @millennial.therapist

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Sara, an existential psychotherapist, provides helpful lists and reminders on topics like relationships, self-esteem, boundaries, and more. Because life is hard sometimes, man.

11.Marie, aka @marienova

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Marie lives in Germany, where she documents her home, plants, and adorable kitty cats. It’s like interior design inspo, plant inspo, and cute animals all rolled into one!

12.Natasha Webb, aka @thecolourtribe

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Natasha lives in a 1980s brick home in Australia where she shows off her killer interior design skills and passion for color. I DARE you to look at pics of her home and not feel joy.

13.Ashley Mahlberg, aka @inkreel

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Ashley uses ink and alcohol to create beautiful, dreamy pieces like this one. No judgement if you spend the next few hours scrolling and staring.

14.Tara Laferrara, aka @taralaferrara

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Tara is a personal trainer based in Colorado who isn’t afraid to get real about body image, diet culture, and her own insecurities, which is a SUPER refreshing in today’s world of “perfect” fitness IGs.

15.Janelle Silver, aka @janellesilver

Janelle creates quirky art with an emphasis on self-love. She originally began creating to cheer up herself and her friends, and has since turned her passion into something she shares with her many followers and in her very own store, Heart + Hands.

16.Dr. Mariel Buquè, aka @marielbuque

Mariel is a psychologist, speaker, and activist. Her IG is full of affirmations that promote a positive headspace and act as reminders to take care of your mental health and wellbeing.

17.Darryl Cheng, aka @houseplantjournal

Darryl channels his love of plants into his IG, where he provides guidance on how to be a good plant parent so you can fill your own home with as much greenery as possible!

18.Jose, aka

Jose is a 17-year-old vegan who creates cakes, smoothie bowls, popsicles, and other treats that 100% belong in a museum. His bio reads, “life’s too short to eat boring food,” and I, for one, agree!!!

19.Crystal Friedman, aka @crystaldrawsstuff

Crystal is an LA-based artist and filmmaker who uses her skills to create colorful graphics championing self-care, mental health, and self-acceptance. Her entire page is like one big rainbow pick-me-up and I am here for it!

20.Emily, aka @hartlandbrooklyn

Emily is based in New York and runs her own stationary company called Hartland Brooklyn. Her feed is full of bright, beautiful cards like this one.

These people? Great. Their vibes? Totally good. ✨

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