Follow Every Version of Logan in Marvel's 'X Lives of Wolverine' Comic Series

With the MCU getting hotter than ever thanks to the recent Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer, Marvel isn’t slowing down with its comic side either, dropping a new teaser for its upcoming X Lives of Wolverine series.

Centering around one of the brand’s most popular mutants, the new arc follows Wolverine throughout the ages, revisiting some of the character’s most iconic eras as well as introducing new moments and scenes fans have never seen before in a blend of past, present and future.

“Logan’s brain has always been broken,” explains writer Benjamin Percy. “He has been unable to properly patch together everyone he has loved and killed, every decade he has endured, every army and team he has been a part of, every organization that has used him, every bottle of whiskey drank and claw popped and mouth mashed against his in a savage kiss. It’s the mind wipes, it’s the memory implants, it’s the expanse of time, the century-plus of living and fighting that has taken a toll on him.”

“He’s never known, and so we’ve never known, what was real or not,” he continued. “Now we make it real. Now we make the old known but new. Here are all the hidden lives, but revisited from the vantage of Krakoa. There is a reason I prefer analog clocks. Because I can see the possibility of all time at once. Time is sideways and forwards and backward and upside down. And that is, in essence, what this event will do for Logan. We are getting all the Wolverines.”

For the Marvel fans out there, the first issue of X Lives of Wolverine will arrive in January, 2022.

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