Fans Thirsty For The Rumored Brad Pitt & Harry Styles Movie Are In For A Shock

Once Upon A Time In Eroda…

Just when you thought this year couldn’t give us any more surprises, it brought together one of the world’s biggest film heartthrobs and the defining boy band heartthrob in an unexpected casting report — and then took it away from us almost immediately — classic 2020. On Wednesday morning, it was reported that Harry Styles and Brad Pitt would be starring in a film together. And even though Pitt’s rep confirmed to Bustle that the rumor was "inaccurate," the thirst from fans is still very, very real. (Bustle also reached out to representatives for Styles, but did not receive an immediate response.)

The website of Latin American and European film distributor Vértice Cine originally shared the report that Styles and Pitt had been cast in the new film Faster, Cheaper, Better. Vértice Cine bought the rights to the film at the virtual Cannes Film Market this summer, and photos of Pitt and Styles were uploaded on the film’s webpage, which claimed that both actors were part of the cast. It was perhaps the most unexpected news of 2020 (and there’s been a lot this year), and then it turned out, it was actually the fakest.

However, even though Styles and Pitt’s casting may not be real, the film very much is. Director Dan Gilroy has already confirmed to Deadline that he will direct the film, which he also wrote himself. According to the outlet, Faster, Cheaper, Better will focus on huge advances in trucking technology over the span of 20 years and how they affect the drivers that keep the industry afloat. The film will tell the stories of different characters whose careers somehow intertwine, including a union boss, a young businessman, a farm manager, and a tech millionaire. "[Their] lives are upended when automation and AI transform the world as we know it," the synopsis reads. "Ultimately, they all must face what it means to be human."

The film’s premise means that even if the news was true, fans wouldn’t know if Styles and Pitt’s characters would actually appear onscreen together. Regardless, this would have been Styles’ second major film project, after landing a brief role in director Christopher Nolan’s 2017 blockbuster Dunkirk. And fans are already salivating at the thought of seeing the One Direction alum and the legendary Oscar winner in the same film. Like, they’re really thirsty.

Production on the film has yet to start, and no release date for the film or casting news has been announced. And even if Pitt and Styles aren’t starring in this movie together, fans shouldn’t give up their thirst. Who knows what forces might act to bring Styles and Pitt together in the future — for real, this time.

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