Family Mart Celebrates 40th-Anniversary by Upsizing Its Beloved Famichiki

To celebrate its 40th-anniversary, the celebrated Japanese convenience store chain Family Mart has launched its “40 Good Things” campaign.

Included in the special event is Family Mart’s upsized take on its beloved signature fried chicken, Famichiki. The tender, juicy fried chicken has been enlarged with a 40 percent increase in size. According to users on social media, regular-sized Famichiki weighs 80 grams, while the “40 Good Things” upgraded Famichiki weighs in at 126-140 grams with some offerings being even bigger.

Aside from increasing the size of its Famichiki, Family Mart has also given its yakitori, sandwiches, bentos and salads 40 percent increases in size. Family Mart’s “40 Good Things” campaign will be on until August 31 or until supplies last.

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